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Das Kleine Museum - Kultur auf der Peunt, is a museum of contemporary art

that exhibits works from internationally renowned artists, which can otherwise only be seen in the great museums of the world.

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It embodies the idea of fertility, which has inspired the “The Little Museum” project from the beginning. In 2007 it opened its doors in Weissenstadt, on a plot formerly known as “the Peunt”, an area known for its lush and fertile meadows. According to the museum's founder, Dr Laura Krainz-Leupoldt, cultural fertility means showing contemporary art in a way that requires strong personal involvement by the visitors. They must enter into a relationship of permanent search and discovery, dialogue and confrontation with the artworks. The seeds are sown for a good plant in the same way. Art and culture can give life structure and meaning: this is the hallmark of a path on which simplicity, rigour and clarity become the goals of an artistic experience. And at the same time, they are impulses for one's own thinking, orientation points for everyday life.

rogg-in pedagogical/poetic information centre for rye culture

The RoggIN allows visitors to experience rye, the “gold of the region”, in many diverse ways. The adjacent

rose garden is an oasis of relaxation.

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The RoggIN pedagogical/poetic information centre allows visitors to experience rye, the “gold of the region”, in many diverse ways. The individual stations “The lock of half-knowledge”, “The gold of the region”, “Health from the Rye” and “The poetry of processing” explain the cultural, historical and nutritional importance of this unique bread grain and thus its preciousness via an objective assessment based on the interplay of sensual experience and philosophical viewpoints. The adjacent 2,000-square-metre rose garden invites you to linger and is an oasis of relaxation. Professor RYE awaits the children in each themed area, ready to let them playfully learn about rye and its significance.

WeiSSer Kubus

Education needs inspirational spaces. The Weisse Kubus was designed as an education centre for our employees and for anyone who is interested in lectures on health, ethics and art.

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Education needs inspirational spaces. The Weiße Kubus was designed as education centre for our employees and for anyone who wants to attend our lectures on health, ethics and art.

The basis for the architecture of this building is the square. Even in ancient times, in the architecture books of Vitruvius, and afterwards for Palladio and also in Vastu, the Indian science of architecture, the square shape is considered the perfect form for houses and plots of land. Here, the architecture is designed in an active relationship with space and nature and so contributes to positive developments.

If the purpose of education is to contribute to one's ability to understand nature and the culture, then we hope that the Weiße Kubus becomes a space in which to think and feel. 

As humans we need a chance to get away, to reflect on our own actions.

Education needs this refuge and must be allowed to free itself from routine, because only through leisure can individuals discover their individuality and truly develop.


In Weissenstad you will find a perfect blend of concerts and modern art, round table talks about children's education, “learning with fun” and treats.

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Weissenstadt is idyllic — an unusual world.

Real Upper Franconia — endearing in every season.

Here, between Peunt and Eger, you will find a perfect blend of modern art, round table meetings about children's education, “Learning with fun and treats”.

And always with passion and creativity, space for personal encounters and stimulating conversations.

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